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Originally Posted by TheOtherOne View Post
A $12 dollar white board is more in my current budget so maybe I'll try that out. Do you have to re-spray it every time you use it? I don't know what that spray is like- does it dry or make it oily or what? Is the board decent without the spray? Do you just use regular ice hockey pucks?
You don't have to spray it every time, maybe once every week or two. The spray dries to a very thin greasy film. It does get on the pucks a little bit so I wouldn't be doing it in the living room and have the pucks leave the grease all over your carpet/flooring. It is pretty slick already without the spray, but like I said you can take a regular puck with you to the hardware store and see if the sliding is good enough for you. I found it adequate as-is, the spray just makes it even more ice-like (see: super slick). And yes, all I use is regular (6oz) black pucks and some weighted (10oz) orange pucks with no problem. It's durable enough to do anything, even any slapshots you can muster.

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