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10-01-2010, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
I disagree about gloves and shin guards, you can find low end gloves and shins that are both comfortable and protective.
Actually I do think you've got a point on the shins, I just bought some but I wanted great calf protection, that's why I listed those, but I recall my first shins weren't bad and were only $40.

I can't get down with cheap gloves though...I've had two pairs of gloves that were cheaper (Vapor Apollos and One75's, even though those aren't cheap but they lacked protection) and sustained a lot of injuries and close calls with them.

The cheapest gloves are okay only for pond shinny IMO...they don't even have lock thumbs so if you fall or go into the boards funny, you can dislocate and sprain your thumb...extremely painful.

The next gloves have lock thumbs but usually only foam in the fingers and backroll. That's okay if you're playing friendly games and no-slappers, but if there's any chippiness or slashes or slappers that can catch you, they will hurt like hell. I bruised a thumb so badly on a draw that I could barely move it for a week. I've also bruised fingers on slappers that deflected off sticks and slashes.

For league play, gloves with plastic inserts are almost a must-have. Most gloves over $100 will have plastic inserts and dual density foams as well as higher quality palms.

But what I'm talking about is best bang for the buck, equipment you buy and don't have to replace the next year, and stuff that will give very good protection.

I also don't have anything against guys that outfit themselves in top end gear even if they can't play. Sure, it's good for a chuckle, but I don't have any resentment or chirp them for it. Some guys make a lot of money and like nice things, far be it from me to judge them for that. Hell, I barely make ends meet and still squirrel enough money away for nice equipment.

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