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10-01-2010, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I can understand why people think I'm crazy saying MAB is better than Souray defensively.

1) We had MAB more recently (fresher failures in your mind)
2) People have had a hard on for Souray since he left
3) He's better offensively than MAB so people just think "better".

But sorry to say it just isn't the case. My memory isn't vague on Souray and I've seen him play on Edmonton, he's terrible even by comparison to MAB.

The difference between MAB and Souray defensively:

Souray > MAB when it comes to decision making, he's smarter with the puck, a better pass receiver, etc.

MAB > Souray when it comes to speed, actually having a chance to make a difference as he's actually a part of the play and not 10 feet away from where it's happening.

If you aren't even in the play you can't be much of a defenseman at least MAB has speed to do something even if he does make more mistakes in terms of controlling/handling the puck.
The only thing Souray and MAB have in common are their lethal shots. As defensmen, their styles couldn't be any more contrasting.

Souray is a guy who can punish you physically and wont think twice about kicking your ass if you went after a star player. He's the type that clears the crease.

MAB is more of a pure offensive d-man who likes to take more chances, but you wont see him out there on the pk to clear the crease or settle some issues.

Its comparing apples and oranges. Having said that, Souray's assets are much more valuable than MAB. He's more versatile than MAB (and dont tell me mab is more versatile because he can play 4th line forward... the habs were just trying to hide his deficiencies). What I mean by versatile is that he can play in all situations of the game including the pk. He gets his shot to the net on a more regular basis. He's definitely not as bad in his own zone... thats just an area we will have to disagree.

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