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10-01-2010, 02:12 PM
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Originally Posted by CannonGoBoom View Post
"...and it's not even close."
When people use this like it's a fact and it clearly isn't it's beyond annoying.
"Crosby is better than Ovy and it's not even close."
Actually it is, it's an opinion, just because yours is different doesn't make it a fact.

Did you really need to post if all your going to do is agree with someone and not add anything to the conversation? Anyone that posts "this" as a response is a moron.

Are you a Mod? No. Your an idiot and I hate you.

Edit: I fully expect someone to reply...

This. And it's not even close.
Sorry if I ruined your oh so original joke.
Not a pet peeve, but I LOVE when people makes comments such as the bolded.

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