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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
So the guy who can't even skate is somehow better defensively then the guy who actually can? With all due respect as well, you'd have to be out of your mind to think Souray > MAB defensively.

Being physical after a whistle or fighting doesn't make you better defensively, the guys a pylon out there and he's on the decline. At least MAB might have the potential to improve slightly.

Nobody gets beat 1 on 1 worse than Sheldon Souray out of any NHL D who gets paid over 1 million and isn't a fringe NHLer. Heck he isn't even in a position to haul the guy down and take the good penalty, at least MAB would be, MAB doesn't get burned in the same way Souray constantly does. He makes way poorer decisions maybe but he doesn't get burned so badly that breakaways happen all the time because of him. Sometimes yes but with Souray it's constantly.

Sure he brings other stuff to the table but so does MAB. He fits out team because he's fast, Souray is slow as hell. But just because he's physical doesn't make him better defensively than MAB. 90% of the time when he's physical it's after the whistle blows, hardly helpful imo.

Plus MAB can play forward too, he's more versatile and given that he's bad defensively that's definitely an asset to have. Souray is Souray, a pylon who is on the decline, won't ever reach his golden year again and was lucky to have it in the first place. Frankly I don't see how anyone would take him over MAB, all opinions aside at the end of the day people can believe whatever they want about either of their defensive games but both of them allow about the same amount of mistakes to happen so regardless of if Souray is slightly better or MAB is slightly better, MAB fits our team better, is younger, faster, can play forward and actually brings more to the table than Souray does. Souray is injury prone and having to salary tied up to him even if he goes on LTI is still pretty wasteful being that you could've just signed somebody more reliable.

If you really think Souray is better than MAB all I can say is MAB is just more fresh in your mind than Souray is and you don't realize just how much the guys declined since leaving here.
Are you joking? You do realize MAB has barely been in the NHL the last few years and Souray has a > $5m contract? There's no way in hell that MAB is better in his own zone than Souray. Souray isn't a great defender by any means but worse than MAB?

You do realize that when he left here he went to Edmonton who's been last place since and he's battled major injuries. You're also comparing Souray in Edmonton vs. MAB in Montreal. I Sure hope to GOD that MAB would have a better supporting cast than Souray did there.

This post makes me laugh

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