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Originally Posted by hpNYR View Post
Unbunch your panties. I only took one line as an example. I'm not going to sit here and rank the entire team an A when the fact of the matter is we aren't an A team or have A lines. I took the Atlantic division as an example b/c that's where we are situated last time I checked. If you want to use the entire league that's even more against you and your grades. I don't know why you got so defensive, but just so you quit your hissy fit I will grade everything.

Frolov-Prospal-Gaborik: B ; Frolov is a good player but has proven to be erratic with his play at times. Prospal is an aging vet who hasn't produced at consistent rates season in/out & is facing injuries. Prospal also is not an established 1c, not even close. Gaborik is the elite talent.

Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan : B - ; Dubinsky as of yet has not cracked 50 pts. However, he was on pace but the fact remains he has not cracked the 50 mark. Anisimov is a sophmore coming off a whopping 38 points, history does suggest he will improve his totals. His camp also suggests a better season. Callahan is a 3rd liner on a stanley cup champion team, at best he's a 20-20 guy. Maybe 25-20.

Avery-Stepan-Fedotenko C+ ; A lot of question marks. Will Avery find his game, will Fedotenko find his game? You also have a rookie centering the line; how will he fare in a 82 game schedule.

4th Line: B ; Alot depends whether or not Boyle has found something.

D1: Staal-Girardi A-
D2: Rozsival-Del Zotto A-
D3: ??

Goalie: A+

These rankings are based on our talent compared to other teams in the league. Yours I think are based on wishful thinking.
He was wrong and didn't even realize you said "For example". Instead of shouting him into a corner which is an all too common sight on these boards you answered his question logically. Awesome job and your forward line ranks were pretty spot on. But I can't believ how high you ranked the D pairs. Staal and Girardi I mean Staal is Staal but I'm not sure if that line is A-. I guess it's close but is Girardi that good?

Then the Roszi DZ A- shocked me. I love DZ but that D inefficiency combined with DZ;s youth makes me think C+. Can't argue with your forward ranks at all. Were you just keeping his D ranks? Maybe I misread it then.

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