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Originally Posted by agrudez View Post
Idk, I can see people really getting on O'Donnell's case for being slow... people have trouble accepting someone for what they are, they will want him to play like a stud and forget that he is 3rd pairing dman. Just go look in the Phillies thread at people killing Kendrick. The kid has a >.500 winning percentage and a <5 ERA as a 5th starter and people cry bloody murder over him, it is ridiculous.

Not to mention the old whipping boys like Carle (because, again, people can't accept him for what he is - an above average offensive dman with a few defensive shortcomings, but many less than they actually blame him for) will undoubtedly still get railed on for DARING to have the 2nd best +/- on the team and 30+ points, for shame Matty, for shame.

Shelley will get a ton of **** until people start to fall in love with his "antics" ala Carcillo last year.
so-burnt took a pretty good run for the title last year but after his playoffs and so far preseason, he seems to have turned around. at 4+ mil if meszaros plays down to his role as a fifth defenseman theyll be calling him randy jones at twice the price. walker though is the the kind of big slow d people seem to get a solid hate on for and his contracts pretty bad too. both are new to many people so id give it till december.

i still miss yelling "YOU SUCK BUNDY"

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