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10-01-2010, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Lion Hound View Post
ok...Let's start with Vinny. Great player, and certainly first line material. But...$7.727 cap hit makes me want to puke. At 30 he still has a lot of hockey left, but will more likely than not be on the downside of his career. Under contract for 4 more years, you lock up the first line are paying out your ass by commiting to it. So, if it was Vinny, you simply need to move another big contract to get him, and the only other big contract the team has is Chris Drury's.

To Tampa : Chris Drury
Evgeny Grachev
2010 2nd rounder.

Total Cap Hit $7,050,000

To NYR : Vinny LeCavalier

Total Cap Hit $7,727,000

Tampa saves $677,000 in cap space.

Limited risk for the Rangers, potential high reward. Vinny in all likelyhood would center top line of Gaborik and Frolov giving the club a very respectable top 6.

Benefit for Rangers: They add a player who is more familiar with Torts than anyone. They add a bonafide First Line Center. They add size, and a physical player to the top 6. The get the Left handed center they were looking for since signing Gaborik.

Benefit for Tampa: Salary dump. They add a big contract that expires 2 years earlier than they’re big contract they are currently in. Drury UFA at the end of 2012, plus dollar for dollar the Tampa Bay organization saves a whopping $27,000,000. How? In Dollar amount, Chris Drury makes $8 million this year and $5 million next year. Vinny is Maxed at $10 mil per for the next 4 years!!!! That's $40,000,000 in actualy dollar amount opposed to Drury's 13 Mil. Tampa also adds Grachev Rated 8.0B Prospect and a 2nd rounder w/out taking more of a cap hit. Tampa also adds a leader in Chris who would be good presence especially for a young team. Obviously Vinny is better than Chris at this stage but factoring in the money, WHICH IS ALOT OF MONEY!...just maybe there is something here.

Rangers trade expendable assets to get better for the now by flexing the almighty dollar muscle. It doesn’t matter that they are paying an extra $2.273 mil per season, they are the 2nd highest revenue grossing team in the league. They have the money to spend, and this kind of circumvention isn’t really circumvention as the CBA is written plain and simple by Cap hit, not actual dollar amount.

You want to play on the business side you need to play the hand your given, and the hand that Glen Sather was given has deep pockets!

Now onto Brad Richards. Very good offensive forward. Great vision, very good playmaker. But, I have said it before and I will say it again. Can be a defensive liability, and can disappear for games at a time. One year left on a contract with a massive cap hit. Definate first line material and with a player like Gabby would probably post another 80 to 90pt season. Another positive is the familiarity with John Tortorella. Give him a thumbs up for what he could add but you get 1 year guaranteed as he and his enormous cap hit expire after this season. That risk limits what I think A GM should offer for him. The big reason being…Are the Rangers contenders this year? Even with Brad Richards I definitely question getting past the Pens and or the Caps so for the sacrifice my offer would be less than what you posted.

To Dallas :
Michael Rozsival
Todd White
Evgeny Grachev
2010 2nd round selection

Total Cap Hit $7,375,000

To NYR : Brad Richards

Total Cap Hit $7,800,000
Difference in cap hits is $425,000 in favor of the Stars.

Benefit for the Rangers : They get their first line center and they get the left handed shot they wanted. They get better for the now, but lost a lot of potential and a very serviceable defenseman.

Benefit for the Stars : Get something for a player that they are potentially going to lose come free agency.

The Rozsival and White are really the cap eveners here as for Dallas the long term potential is probably higher with Grachev and the first rounder.

At the end of the day, I think that Tampa and NY make better trading partners due to the money issue. I can tell you with certainty that Tampa does not want to pay 40 million for Vinny over the next 4 years. The lesser evil of 13 mil for Drury plus Grachev and the pick strictly on the business side could entice an owner into greenlighting a GM to make such a move.
You don't seem to understand how long-term Vinny's contract is. It runs through the 2019-20 season at a 7.727 cap hit.

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