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10-02-2010, 12:17 PM
Tommy Dodge
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TAhings are just average with the hockey Panthers these days.
The team had a just fair recruiting year, Boyle wanted to play at home, so no big work there, Fraser wasn't being talked to by other schools, so an easy one, as for Guggenburger, well played on 3 teams in 4 years, that is never a good sign. Report form the team have him being an average goalie at best.
The team has a couple of players who played senior hockey on the Island last year, Jamie McInnis, and Kris MacDonald, a castoff form Acadia. Then he tried to convince Chris "the cancer" Doyle to stay at UPEI and not go to the OHL. Even Doyle told others UPEI was not a good situation and left for the "o".
Some memebers of the booster club are not impressed with some of coach MacPherson's dealings. He dropped the annual US-NCAA trip, dropped the summer and fall hockey skills clinics, partnered with Andrews Hockey, and will not play any ex-games at home ( witht he exemption of a cahirity game against alumni). Those boosters who were Dylan Taylor fans, have said these moves will set the team back. Taylor did a great deal of work to improve the image of UPEI hockey in the community. The same cannot be said for MacPherson.
The Randy Cameron situation did not help the team. Cameron was on teh ice practising with UPEI then left for STU. Players are split. Some say he had a poor attitude and didn't fit, others say the coach was building him up to be a saviour and then "bang" the ass fell out of the bag, leaving many to wonder what would come next.
Players are wondering who is leading things. Coach MacPherson misses 1 week a month for his other work. Leaving the team inthe hands of the two assistants. They don't like having to wait a week to speak with the coach on matters.
As anyone who follows UPEI sports should know don't expect AD Annear to step up and do anything about it.
From the look of their ex play, Look for them and STU to battle for the basement. The future is not so promising

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