Thread: Speculation: Theodore, a possible choice?
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10-02-2010, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Leighton made some good saves in the series too. It isn't as easy as saying Niemi made the saves he needed to and Leighton didn't. This may not be the best argument in the world, but if the Flyers had won no one would be talking about how bad Leighton was. People are just looking for someone to blame. And not that he is without blame, but he is not the only reason the team lost. If Richards, Carter, or Gagne put some goals in or if the team had a third defensive pairing, the Flyers could have easily overcome all the one goal games. No one is saying how terrible Richards is or how glad they are that Gagne is gone because he didn't score the goals in the finals. Leighton played well all season (for the Flyers) and had a bad finals. But he is not the reason the team lost and he did not play so much worse than Niemi.
I'm not talking about Gagne or Richards, or whoever else. I'm talking about the goaltending. And ours was outplayed, outplayed during games, and outplayed in clutch situations. You say how bad both goaltenders were, but Richards' line was not scoring? Briere, Leino, and Hartnell were unconscious, they got goals from freaken Betts and Asham in Game 1, they got a couple big goals from Giroux. They did get a goal from Gagne in Game 2, that would have tied the game if Leighton didn't give up his second worst goal of the series to Ben Eager less than a minute after Hossa scored. Again, big saves in big moments, direct opposite from what I mentioned about Niemi earlier where he made a huge save on Carter. More of a complaint than the lack of offense from Richards, Gagne, and Carter is the lack of defense from Gagne, Richards, and Carter.

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