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10-04-2003, 02:26 PM
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The issue can become tiresome though. Saku is what he is. Sports has become a "today" type of thing. If he was a 70 point man last year, he become a 70-80 point expectation this year. Noone has mistaken him for Forsberg or Thornton. The issue isn't whether Koivu would be better with Bertuzzi and whoever, it is, would the team be better ? They need more offensive top level players. Take Weight and replace Koivu, you've got the same thing. Replacing Koivu isn't the issue. I reject the arguement that we should replace our top player. We need more top players. If Saku would get us 2 young 50 point guys who could improve, I'd say make the deal, but it just doesn't work that way. The team gets all Koivu has to give. Often, due to injuries it isn't enough.

As for Hossa, it was evident in Marian Hossa's last year in Jr. that he was a special player and he has steadily improved every year. His younger brother can be a solid contributor, but they aren't in the same class. This isn't just my opinion, scouts were telling people when he was drafted, don't expect him to play like his brother.

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