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10-02-2010, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by kanuck87 View Post
That's not the point. If we carry two extra d-men and one extra forward, and two of our forwards go down with a minor injury at the same time, we'll end up losing that 2nd extra defenseman anyways. Our 12 forward spots are just as likely to stay healthy as our 6 defensemen spots, so since there are twice as many forward slots as defensemen slots, it makes absolute sense to carry twice as many extra forwards than defensemen.
that's not really true. partially by the style of play we employ now, and partially just by the nature of the position...our d-men are the ones most likely to end up getting plastered, and just generally banged up as the season goes on.

i certainly would love to have us carry a pair of extra forwards and rotate them through to keep that lineup hungry, determined, and healthy. but we've seen it often...our defence gets beat up badly over the course of a season, and the waiver issue may not be 'your point', but it's a key consideration in these decisions. there are also other issues like the Salo LTIR mess that need to be taken into consideration.

in terms of the math and probability, i'm not a mathematician, but even i understand that even a bottom-pairing d-man playing fairly significant minutes is more likely to get injured than a forward playing 4 minutes a night on the 4th line. and there are certainly forwards playing with 'minor' injuries from night to night. sure, they're less effective...but instead of costing us goals as would playing an injured d-man, it just ends up with us not scoring as many goals, etc.

it's a tough situation, and in an ideal world we'd be able to carry a 24 man active roster, but we can't...and those are the rules that all of the other teams abide by. so Gillils has to work within that. and honestly, our track record clearly shows that we're going to need more d-men.

but who knows. with SOB waived, it's hard to say if Gillis thinks we'll be ok with 7 d-men, or if this is just a move to create a space for Salo to join the roster before assignment to LTIR.

i guess we'll find out soon enough. and if 2 forwards can't play at the same time...either they'll end up on LTIR, or we'll end up with a short-term fix like the unfortunate 'Bieksa as a forward' experiments for a few games. IMO, Bieksa being awful as a forward on the 4th line for a a few minutes a night is still better than having a raw kid like Oberg/Connauton/Tanev playing NHL minutes of defence...where either we pile on additional strain and extra minutes to our other d-men, or we have a young kid being exploited for 10+ minutes a night.

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