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05-01-2005, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by PepNCheese
He has 2 right now, beginning with 2005-2006. Last season will come off the books, I would be shocked if it didn't.

There are many ways they could do this. I was assuming the rollback was OFF the table, btw...if it is still there then we can leave Sundin as-is. He should still get the retirement contract, it just won't be a cap issue. He's still our captain and best player until I see differently. 6.8 we can do for 2 more years.

I've already been suggesting doing something with Nolan for a long time now. I would buy him out. Honestly, that's looking like the best idea more and more. 6.5 is a ridiculous amount of cap room to spend on a guy like that.

He's 33, coming off a busted knee and an eye injury, and he's been pretty useless for us overall. Might be time to cut our losses there, as much as I love Owen when he's on.

When you look at the names out there, it doesn't make sense to have Nolan taking up such an important spot in our lineup and pay scale. Ferguson has to do something here, IMO. Our team could be so much stronger with those funds allocated elsewhere.
Thats Fair .. Until the CBA is signed we really do not know if the year counts or the 24% exists ..

but I do agree the Nolan return is not worth the Cap money .. If you can get rid of Nolan and use his 6.5 Mil (no rollback) amount and get Lindros and Allison at 3 mil + each in the line-up it could be a huge benfit to the leafs .

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