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10-03-2010, 10:19 AM
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Broken or Bruised Ribs.. can I play?

I play on a competive midget hockey team andMonday in a game I was hurt my ribs. Now I cannot remeber what really cause the injury. I was just completely winded when I got to the bench, I had never been that out of wind before then. I finished the game without a lot of pain, I didn't think about the pain in the rib, although I had was short on breath but, thinking back now I did have a little pain. Once my adenerline from a close lost was out in the dressing room, I felt the pain in the top of my rib cage. On the bus ride home I was in pain but, no a lot I could feel it in the top and front of my rib and little in my back. Next morning, I could not run or exsert myself at all without pain. It was a rough day especially when my buddy decided he would throw a jab at my stomach.

On Wednesday and Thursday the pain was better although not gone. Movements such as getting up and shooting a puck were quite painful. I went to my chiropractior and he lifted my arm pushed on my back and said he knew exactly was it was, he did a little crack on my back and I felt healed immediatley.

Friday night I had a hockey practice a light body check brought the pain back. Although it seemed fine yesterday. I had a little tenderness until, a physical game brought the pain back, I want to say worst then ever but I am not sure about that.

Anyways today I have game and after today we a few days break... I believe so I was wondering if I could play this game and then rest. i did lots of reading on the internet about these injuries and it seems I probably have a bad bruise by some simple tests the sites suggested I could do. I really want to play tonight because it will be a fair while before we play after this with a break for thankgiving. My team is also already down two players and don't have any APs ready so if I can play this one game without doing any damage I would love.

I feel the pain when I play but, I can play through without it effecting myplay very much. The only differnce is I have found that hits aren't hard and more of rub-offs then hits because it hurts to make a real solid blow.

Thanks for any advice.

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