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10-03-2010, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Blueshirt Special View Post
Will Drury finally rise from the dead?

The broken finger has kept him out of what is arguably the best pre-season we've had since the lockout.

But what happens when he comes back? Sure, he is going to play, not questoining that. But should he? What is he going to add to this team?

IMHO he has been a HUGE disappointment. Even worse that Gomez, (no way I' saying we SHOULD'NT have done the deal to trade Gomer).

But Drury has really brought nothing to this team but some blocked shots. And I'm not talking about it in terms of how bad the contract is. He's just been lousy. Rozi gets hammered by this fan base all the time, yet I would argue that he has brought MUCH, MUCH more positives to this team in his play over the years than Drury has By A LOT.

So is this the year that Drury MUST prove himself as an impact player to this squad. If he has another lousy year, then what? How long do we keep trying this? How much better than say Redden has he really been?

Bottom line question is this: Is he hurting us more than helping? Should we just get him out of the way?

IMO: Callahan >>>> Drury

I wouldn't miss him if joined Redden THIS year. Obviously that's not going to happen. But how will we feel come March?

Just gonna give one statement on Drury and the massive underestimation of his importance: Every single teammate, every coach, every person on the staff; wants him on the team, considers him invaluable, and holds him in the highest regards. That's enough for me.

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