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10-03-2010, 04:45 PM
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One thing that I know really helped me - practice taking tonnes of shots (on ice/skates preferably) WITHOUT a puck. Just really focus on getting a good flex in your stick during the wrist shot motion, do it over and over and over until it becomes muscle memory. Really drive that bottom hand down into the ice, make your stick flex and get that good whippy feel. After you get a nice consistent flex in your stick when taking fake wrist shots without a puck, start doing it with the puck. And don't focus at all on raising the puck, if you think about raising it youll just flip it up weakly, if you get good flex on your stick itll rise up nicely all by itself.

Your shot is unlikely to improve in game, you really need lots of practice at stick and puck sessions. And yes, for your size and height I'd go with an intermediate stick, a 67 flex would be just right, you'll have a tonne of trouble trying to flex your current stick which is probably about a 120+ after cutting it down so much.

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