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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
Maybe it's just me, but it seems like NHL refs are a very tight-knit, ultra-sensitive group. They kind of seem like, for lack of a better word, ****** to me. I think the Burrows incident is proof of that.
One of the most famous quotes about that was by Orval Tessier, a former Chicago coach. He said "Today we paid a heavy price in Florida (Board of Governors' meetings) and tonight (supposed bad call in a game)we paid again. I hope the league tells the officials that we've paid our price and to leave us alone."

It had to deal with a court injunction revolving around a 20-game suspension given to one of his players for tripping a ref. Months later, after another supposed bad call, he claimed he was told the refs would hold a two-year (or so) vendetta against him.

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