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10-03-2010, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by xSeany View Post
Just got home for work, and wow.. I hope my phone is glitched.. 9-3?! What the %^$&%^&%^#&%$^*%$^&
Who is looking bad?
What was goalie situations like in this game? Starter/Stats?
Anyone standing out? Just saw a nice move by Kalinski.
Gus? Nice little summary of anything in this game?
For the first two periods the defense was unspeakably atrocious. Like, all seven goals against for Backlund were at least partly due to atrocious defensive coverage. That's how bad it was.

Guerin is ****ing horrible, but that's to be expected. Nodl still can't do anything offensively.

Backlund looked okay, we can't really evaluate him because he had no help whatsoever defensively and it was his first game in like half a year. Bob hasn't been challenged much, but he let in a couple of goals. One was due to horrible defense again and the other was a bad goal by Bob.

The team is looking better this period, but we still look like ****.

Biggest silver lining this game is Maroon, who has looked good so far.

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