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10-04-2003, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by jfont
i hear you willie...we should have picked up a player in the waiver draft yesterday.
It didn't have to be yesterday. He has had all bloody summer.

Guys like Boughner, Warrener, Numminem, Sydor, Skrastins, Markov, Wesley, Klee, Marchment etc. have all changed addresses and all would have definetly helped solidify our defense.

DT even admitted to us needed a defensman. What he does do? Tries to pass off Gleason, a kid, and Norton, a mediocre NHL defenseman at best, as our "banging" defenseman.

Yes the defense is a big ????, but give them a couple of weeks before you start whinning. If it doesn't work then we make a's that SIMPLE!......
Thats logical.

Just throw a bunch of completely unproven kids/career minor leaguers on the ice and hope they can hold the fort??

Points lost at the start of the year could be the difference between a division title and 6th place. Or a playoff spot or another missed playoffs.

Not to mention it always takes a while for new players to get accustomed to a team. Remember Jason Allison's first 10 games in LA? But if you add them during the SUMMER (gasp!) they have time to get accustomed to the team BEFORE the games mean something.

Cechmanek is an improvement
Indeed he is. But acquiring Cechmanek has nothing to do with DT failing to acquire a defenseman.

Stumpel is our top 6/#2 center
He is our replacement for Smolinski. An upgrade, yes, but not a top-6 addition.

The role of our promised "top-6" forward goes to the duo of Robitaille/Klatt. Which I wouldn't mind, if Allison and Deadmarsh were healthy.

Instead Taylor tried to assure fans that JA and AD would be ready for the opener knowing damn well their status. If nothing else, he does deserve criticism for misleading fans. But, again, this has nothing to do with DT failing to acquire a defenseman.

We got 2 out of 3, and we should be happy with that considering we've done much less in other offseasons.

I believe that DT has no problem with the D we have and considering some of his magical work in the past, I'll trust him.
Huh? The man has NEVER won a Stanley Cup. Ever.

I'm not doubting that he is not a good GM. (hell, maybe even a great one)

But he has yet to make 'A' single, solitary move during his tenure that would involve considerable risk with the intention of putting a Stanley Cup team on the ice. Not one.

Playing it safe, is NOT always playing it smart.

I think we should give the D a chance.
Just like we should have given the kids "a chance" last year at being our top-6 forward answers.

And they combined for, what, 20 goals? That sure worked out.

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