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05-01-2005, 07:20 PM
adios Holmgren
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Clarke--a definite 4th line energy guy in LA- plays with allot of heart and will definitly become a fan favorite in LA with his work ethic alone.

Brown--When he wants to be he can be a really good hockey player. He brings everything you want to in a hockey player. he can score, he can pass and he can play the physical side with the fighting and hitting as well. He does take some games off thou as KB stated and I will agree with that but I feel that is something he can and will grow out of IMO. He definitly belongs in LA if and when the NHL does come back. Just not sure where he fits in, as im not sure what vets are staying and going in LA.

Gleason - very impressed with him this season. He was without a doubt Manchester's most consistant defenseman all season. He was playing hurt the last part of the season and into the playoffs which did affect his play. But even at 50 percent or whatever he was during that stretch he is still better then Grebeshkov, like with Brown I definitly see him in LA playing a significant role. Just not where due to the reasons stated above.

Kanko--had his moments this season where he gave the Monarchs a spark with a spark, whether it was scoring a goal or getting into a fight. But for the most part is still aways away from becoming the player people think he can be. Definitly will be in the AHL next season. More then likely in Manchester.

Cammalleri-- was outstanding this season, the playoffs aside. Carried the Monarchs for most of the season. Cannot say enough about the kid, arguably one of the most popular players on the team. figures to be a big contributer in LA next season if there is a season, is never going to win any physical battles but if you give the guy an inch hes going to make you pay. I hope there is no NHL season next year. So i can see Cammy and Lehoux work their magic if they both can stay healthy.

Grebeshkov-- drove everyone crazy this season, at times he can dish out the pretty pass on the PP, other times hes turning the pick over leading to short handed breakaway goals, he is not overly physical and his mistakes easily out weigh the positive things he does. He is not even close to being ready for LA. He still needs allot of work. Im willing to give him another year. I think anyway.......

Steckel--easily the most improved palyer in Manchester. early in the season he could not get out of his own way, as the season went on he became invaluable on the PK unit and turned himself into a very good 2 way player, Steckel and Parros provided a very tough duo to deal with for quite a few teams in the AHL when they were on the ice together. Not quite sure if hes ready for the NHL. may need 1 more season in Manchester. His skating has improved as well.

Ryan-- I cant believe that I thought he was underrated. Boy was I wrong. as the season when on he regressed. Not to sure what to make of him but he actually should be in Reading.

Lehoux--If he had stayed healthy he definitly would have had the numbers that would have warrented of being consitered being in LA next season. He was also on track to become far and away the most improved player in Manchester, even more so then Steckel. Might have to spend some time in Manchester next season to prove that he can over come that serious knee injury he sustained both mentally and physically

Garon--In all honestly I dont want him back next season, whether we have a NHL season or not. Im probably going to get flamed for this, but since I saw him enough im going to say it anyway. Garon did not come in as advertised and his play fell off as the season went on. At times he was fantastic and at other times he lacked focus. He was run off twice in the first 3 games of the playoffs. In my opinion he did not want to be in Manchester and is also highly overrated. If the AHL is all about "development" I say Hauser and Brust should be the starting goaltenders in Manchester.

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