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10-04-2010, 12:41 AM
Rebuild? Refresh?
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I just recently broke the blade of my Easton Synergy Se. It was an 85 flex with about a 1" butt end (true flex of about a 77-79). I could really rip slap shots with that stick. Wrist shots and what not were good but my game is more speed with quick shots (snapper could use a lot of mechanic work, wrister is accurate and deceptive) and heavy slap shots on the fly.

Long story short, I'm looking for a OPS that'll tailor more to my game. I've looked for a 77 flex Bauer total 95 (thinking that's a good choice for power and durability) but can't seem to find any in the Naslund/ Sakic curve. I don't really break sticks as the blade was stepped on and softened on my previous stick so I'm okay with spending a little more to get something that feels right (bought the Synergy used from play it again sports for $40). I have a Warrior Dolomite 85 flex with the Kovalev curve. It has nice puck feel but loses a lot on slappers.

Looking for:

Flex: ~75-79 at about 62.5" (I'm 6'2" 190lbs but prefer
Curve: Sakic (open mid-curve, 5.5 lie)
Weight: >500 grams
Strengths: Slap shots and puck feel
Price: Open to not super expensive.

My thoughts:

Bauer One 95 Naslund 77 flex
Easton Synergy ST Sakic 85 flex

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