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05-01-2005, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
Your Prozac !!!!!!!!!!!!!
no there has always been non cup leafs, only there was also enough FA to recover from it.

only as we consume this FA, we are off setting balance, and the balance has been offset not 0.2 degrees. and on a leauge scale that is massive!.

the end of CBA as it is now will come, the ending of this Leauge will not.

It is said the dead will rise again, and we will, only consider how many we have buried, and how many have teams, and this leauge will be reborn of that teams, as it has been. This is the circle of life, and only a few will remember what was, much as it is today.

We do not invent, we do not create, we only remember.

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