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10-04-2010, 12:42 PM
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This is how I see it:

Dubinsky's strengths:

- Protecting the puck with his butt. (Thanks Jags) Because of this, he's good in the cycle, around the net, and along the boards.

- Hitting, energy

- Backchecking and defensive play when his head is on right.

To me, Dubinsky is a poor-man's Marian Hossa. He doesn't have the hands or smooth skating stride, but if consistent, he can give you a similar effect to what Hossa does, albeit certainly not at Hossa's level in any zone.

But with that said, he doesn't have to be a center to be a strong defensive player who can protect the puck and get it to the net at the right time. That should be his focus. Hossa is a great defensive forward and he's a winger. This should be Dubinsky's mold: a fiestier, poor-man's Hossa. We don't need him to become some playmaking center that he isn't. 50-60 points plus hitting and a strong defensive game = hell of a player.

Dubinsky's weaknesses:

- Consistency
- Playmaking (not really a weakness, but he shouldn't try to do too much in this area. He needs to use his strengths (puck control) to take the puck out of the corners and get it to the net any way possible. He does have some nice puck-handling skills (ie: breaking ankles in the Wash series) but I often find myself wishing he was a little less pretty, and more "this puck is getting to the crease no matter what."
- Losing his man (he backchecks very well most of the time, but he's often merely "in the area" and doesn't pick up his man)

Love Dubi. Certainly not untouchable if the right deal comes along, but I do want to see him on the Rangers long-term. I'm hoping he gets his head on straight this year and plays a gritty, everything-to-the-net style. I think that's the way for him to be most successful.

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