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Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
It's not like Carcillo was a scoring machine but Nodl was ****ing up all plays..

In the past Carcillo proved that he can keep it under control, did Nodl show that he can score on NHL level?
He cant score at an NHl level but here Ill show you a debate I had with a blogger on Nodl. Funny thing is, I was on the side saying Nodl cant play higher then the 4th line.

Here are some excerpts:

As far as Nodl goes, I’m an admitted fan. As far as his offensive game, I covered why he is perceived the way he is earlier. In a sentence: He isn’t asked to score in the AHL, nor has he been asked to score in the NHL, as evidenced by his 78 shots in 65 games for the Phantoms and 2 shots in 10 games for the Flyers. Despite that, he still scored 14 goals for the Phantoms, 3rd most on the team (Both players ahead of him took at least twice as many shots).
To me, having the Flyers as a team record a 1.02 shooting percentage while Nodl and Carter are on the ice is incredibly, unequivocally unlucky. Jeff Carter, a career 10.9% shooter at the NHL level, alone should have been good for at least 8 more goals during that time. Nodl, meanwhile, is a 14.8% shooter at the AHL level, who is a career 2.9% shooter at the NHL level. Simply put, those numbers are unsustainably low, and indicative of Andreas Nodl being unlucky.
More on Carter and Nodl

When Nodl and Carter were on the ice together, the Flyers recorded 98 shots on goal. Only one of them went in. That's good for a 1.02% shooting percentage. For a frame of reference, that same year, 9.5% of the shots fired when Carter was on the ice went in. So, Nodl played 29 games with Jeff Carter, and the duo only scored one goal on 98 shots. That is a ratio that could not possibly be sustained over the course of a year, yet this is a big reason why people think Nodl failed in his NHL opportunity. Instead...

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