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10-04-2010, 04:25 PM
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There's some weird predictions across these ''experts''.

Why would anybody ever choose the Sharks to win a cup?..they fail year after year. Why would this year be so different compared to others?..Even though he was old, Blake was a big part of their D. Niemi is the same as Nabokov. The difference is that when he had a poor game for the Hawks in POs, his team bailed him out. Sharks couldn't do that for Naby. I expect very much of the same for the Sharks.

Pittsburgh, even with an improved Defense, have the same problems up front. If Malkin has a similar season as last year, the Pens will struggle again.

Philly have the exact same question mark as last year, their Goalie. To make matters worse, Leighton is injured yet again and they'll have to start with Boucher.

Vancouver is a decent pick, but personally, I'm just not convinced. There's been questions about Luongo's play in the POs for quite some time now. Eight of their players had career years last season, I have a hard time believing they can all have great years again. Even with an improved Defense, I feel their year was last season, with the Sedins, Burrows and Kesler playing as well as they did, I think they might have missed the boat.

I disagree with Boston's pick to win the NE and I'm surprised by the lack of love for the Habs (actually, not really surprised). Boston are without Savard and every time he missed some action in the previous years, they were affected. Adding Horton could give them some good help up front, but not enough to compensate for the loss of Savard. I haven't seen much of Seguin, only the first game versus us where you pretty much could have told me he wasn't dressed. Not sure just how big of an impact he will have.

Buffalo always seems to put on good performances no matter their losses in the off season. I think that's the best way to see just how powerful of an impact a good coach can have. I'm sure they will be very competitive and it wouldn't surprise me if they won the NE.
Ottawa is another good pick. If they had a better PP last year, they might have won the NE. With the addition of Gonchar, it will certainly help even with the loss of Volchenkov. They could be a very dangerous team and on paper they're my pick to win the NE.

I think Mtl has a good chance as well, the problem is that there's still a few question marks. How will Pouliot perform?..A.Ko?..Price?..If those three players can step up and have solid performances, then it will be a very, very good year in Mtl.

Personally, I really like Phoenix, I have a feeling they could go very far.

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