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10-04-2010, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Fitzy Duke of NY View Post
Worth noting, of course is that this is a player whos very best years came under Tortorella. Around 20 goals a season with one fantastic playoff performance.

What is the loss here? We don't play Zuccarello to start the season? Does MZA even deserve to be an NHLer yet, since he was far and away outplayed by Fedotenko in camp? My brain says no.
Worth noting, of course is that that was 5 years ago.

I agree that it's not detrimental for MZA to start in the A, but it is just my opinion that I'd rather the 22 year old with tons of talent get a shot to score 30 points, instead of the retread.

Originally Posted by rangersfan30 View Post
This is what i thought in the beginning but it seems its not a popular opinion around here, i too would have preferred to give his spot to a youngster.

I am just going to wait and see how he gets on but i dont see how after years of being a 40pt player anything will be any different this year.
He's only scored 40 points once in his career and that was 41.

He's a thirty point player.

Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
We're trying to build a young, competitive team here. Young AND competitive. I don't want to "give" a spot to anyone, just because they're young. Let MZA and Grachev go to Hartford and show they deserve a look at the NHL level. Handing someone a spot just because they're young is stupid, IMO.
I don't want to either, but I also don't buy this notion that MZA was brutal this pre-season (he also wasn't given the entire slot of games like Fedotenko was).

Handing someone a spot because they scored 7 points in 6 pre-season games when their career shows they're nothing more than a thirty point player, and they couldn't produce last year playing with Sid and Malkin, is stupid IMO.

Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
Those 4 kids did nothing to prevent this from happening.

Kennedy is a nice little versatile player that will probably cash in with an additional 15-20+ points again this season while playing on the 4th/3rd line. However, the other three did NOTHING to show that they deserved a spot on the roster this year and while I am in favor of the youth movement, I am not in favor of giving someone a spot just because they were young.

To me, that makes NO SENSE.

Fedotenko came in here to keep alive his NHL career and wiped the ice clean with all 4 youngsters you mentioned.

If anything, those kids should look at what Feds did this camp and come in next year and try to emulate that.

Playing kids that were in way over their heads just to placate the youth movement would be more damaging to the long-term health and benefit of the franchise than signing a 3rd/2nd liner for 1 year.

And, who's to say that he only scores 30 points? The chemistry he has shown with Stepan could mean a nice 40+ point season from him AND Stepan, somehting neither of the 4 mentioned are capable of doing for Stepan.

Those 4 kids weren't given the same chance he was. I don't think MZA was as bad as some people want to make it out. I saw the type of talent that I expected from him.

Grachev has always been the type to need chemistry. Pre-season is just not a good barometer of his play to me.

Kennedy is only part of my argument because I'd still rather see a young kid get those minutes over Ruslan Fedotenko.

Who's to say he only scores 30 points? I'm going to go out on a limb and trust his track record or what he's been his entire career.

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