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10-04-2010, 05:28 PM
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Tips for Beginners

There has been a bunch of threads about people new to hockey and them looking for some help, so here is my thread on some easy things beginners can do to greatly improve their game:

1. SKATE. You can be the worst stick handler in the world and have no shot whatsoever, but if you can skate, that won't matter as much. Plus, skating will supplement your game better than anything else possibly can. Work on perfecting the stride and stopping first, then move to crossovers, then backwards skating, backwards crossovers, mohawks, etc

2. Choosing a stick: If you're new to hockey, you don't need a 100 flex stick with a Sakic curve. Because you will not have developed the proper technique yet, you don't need a lot of flex. My advice is for anybody under 160 pounds to use 65-77 flex, 215 and under to use 85 and anybody else use 100. When it comes to curves, do not use a big one. Big curves give beginners a false sense of ability and because using a huge curve (lets pick on the sakic one) makes it so much easier to lift the puck, you do not build muscle as easily as you would with a Zetterberg/Malkin one. Also, you will probably be shooting low with those curves anyway, which is good because you create more scoring chances. It also makes passing easier IMO.

3. Don't worry about strength! Gaining strength will do nothing if you do not have technique. You can have ripped forearms, a core, and huge arms, but that won't do anything for your shot if you're a beginner. First work on shooting. 100 shots a day will do wonders for you. It only takes about 30 minutes to do too! Really the only thing that could I could recommend would be to get a shooting pad and work on pulling the puck towards your body.

4. Stick handling. Once you gain some basic skills, you can start working on the dangles. I have found that you should NEVER EVER EVER USE A BALL!!!!! I swear using a street hockey ball makes you worse at hockey. They are light so you don't develop any strength and they are larger than a puck so when you switch to the real thing you are always going over it and missing. Plus, you aren't used to the weight either. Also, try to move around when you are stick handling because I mean how often are you stationary during a game right?

Well that's about all I could come up with in ten minutes lol. Feel free to add suggestions.

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