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10-04-2010, 06:14 PM
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I think for beginners, attitude/mindset is another thing that is very important.

1. You should never get down on yourself because someone else is better than you, or because you can't do something. I used to do this to myself when I first started playing. If I couldn't put my wrist shot where I wanted, I would slam my stick and get off the rink, and it hurt my development. Instead, I should have gone to a stick and puck and worked on my problem instead of getting angry. If you can't do something, it just means you need to practice.

2). If anyone ever gives you **** for not being an all-star at an open skate or something, just blow him off. No one starts out as a great player. It takes all sorts of hard work, and everyone has to start somewhere. And unfortunately, you will find a decent number of people who think everyone needs to play at an NHL level. He's a jerk. Don't ever be "that guy".

3). Be willing to take advice/criticism, and ask for it if you need it! I have never once seen someone get mad because someone asked a question while playing hockey. Especially as a newer player, more experienced players will (generally) be willing to help you out as best they can.

4. Put in effort! I can't tell you how many times I've seen novice players at open skates NOT TRY. Granted they may not have a complete skill set or be the most talented guy, but that is NOT an excuse to sit at the far blue line and call for passes non-stop. Effort gets rewarded.

Keep your head up, and have fun with it.

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