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10-04-2010, 09:56 PM
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Originally Posted by infidelappel View Post
Staying on the post too long is the least of my worries with him. Actually, I think it could benefit him. Given his speed, I feel more comfortable with him hugging the post for a little longer and then cutting out once he KNOWS a forward is walking, rather than leaving it too soon only to have him cut back short side.

When you're as fast as he is, it's not that hard to keep coming across from that position. Assuming the guy's in tight, of course; if he's not, then he's really going to have to keep his hands high on those plays, and his upper-net coverage is what concerns me the most in general.
I suppose you could chalk that criticism up to stylistic preferences. I have just seen him sit in that position and watch plays for a bit instead of resetting his feet. I have also seen him go to that position when he had a defense man helping on that post, and the opposing forward had a pass option to the top of the circle. Not being on his feet means he's slower on the wrap to the far post, and he isn't likely to be as square, at the top of his crease and ready for the point shot if the forward chooses that pass option. I didn't watch him in Russia, but I would bet it is something he's worked on since coming over here. Basically he looks like a guy implementing a new tool into his game, there is always a tendency to overuse it, you know?

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