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05-02-2005, 08:26 AM
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Liffiton, Baranka, Montoya, Lundqvist, Dawes, Jessiman, M. Jonasen, D. Olver could be signed and Petr Prucha could make his way over the pond and Dwight Helminen can and should earn a spot.
Yeah I imagine Liffiton, Baranka, and Taylor will be regulars on D more or less...leaving 3 spots for Nycholat, Lampman, Pck, Grenier, etc...though I imagine one or so of those guys could be with the rangers. The blueline will be pretty young...

Not sure Montoya will be over but we'll see...Lundqvist could start the year but I imagine the rangers will try to resign Labarbera, especially with Valliquette leaving. Need at least one AHL vet in there to steady things. Dawes and Jonasen will definatly be either in Hartford or Charolotte, probably Hartford depending on their play...I can also see Helminen being a regular. Dunno about Jessiman...honestly at this point it might be good for him to go to hartford, but I could see the value of another year in college to get him back on his feet. It might hurt him throwing him into the AHL if he's not ready but he's already lost development time last year...if he can handle it he should go.

I'd bet Olver stays at N. Michigan...he's still elligible and still has stuff to learn and needs to grow. If Prucha comes over he'll probably start in Hartford at least

it's gonna be a zoo next year and I actually dont' expect the pack to win as much...lot of new players having to learn stuff. That is unless McGill sits them all in favor of playing the vets he knows

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