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05-02-2005, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Leaf Lander
38 yrs ago today!!!!!!

We won our last cup!
I can not see how leafs can win cup, the reason being is simple, our brain (GM) has natural receptacles for the drug FA, as a fact, our brain use to create a chemical that was similar, in turn in completed a bridge if you from our conscious mind (coach) to the sub (players), and vies versa.

Also, the players where not strong because they had higher levels of testosterone, or steroids, men where stronger because the had this natural drug.

here is an interesting note:. the production of this drug, or natural THC being created by the brain can be reestablished with some understanding and realization for the players. now I donít want to say to much, because in all honesty some people should not know things like this, only because they have yet learnt to control there height, as a fact, many assume you are meant to let the height take control of you.

so I will leave it at that, and if there is a problem, it is that pollution, and laziness have caused our brains to stop producing this drug. Consider there where no TV's, no cars, no lights and all that ****, when our brains created this natural chemical. So in short, humans today, are 50% if not weaker then we use to be or can be.

Also consider all of the pollutants we inhale, ingest. all these things stop our body from creating this natural drug, so in turn we have found a plant that has a chemical similar to the one our brain use to create on its own. Polution is bad for our players... that is why no one will want to play in TO.... too bad because I love TO and want to see a leafs cup.

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