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05-02-2005, 11:45 AM
Amber Heard
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My own CBA agreement

Okay okay, we've had a lot of these but I'd just like to hear your input on this... (if you're not already sick and tired or reading stuff like this)

1. Hard CAP - 55% of revenue

2. Special system where players' salaries are discounted based on the number of games player plays for team. For example, for playing 82 games with team players will have their salaries discounted by 2%. If a player plays for 10 years on one team 82 games x 10 years = 820 games == 20% discount. If you want you can put a max on this at say 30% or 20%. (this clause would help teams keep players who fans like). We could add other fun things too like we could set aside an extra 10% for playoff wins (say 16 playoff wins in one year will get you an extra 5% discount on top of regular season games played.)

3. 5% Escrow tax on gate revenues to compensate players if they fall below 50% of leauge wide revenue.

3a. Teams may, if they wish, 'Buy' extra salary cap space. Teams may increase cap to 60% but must also sacrifice one percentage point of gate revenue to revenue sharing for ever % over the 55% CAP. (when combined with 'clause 2' the absolue max that a team can spend is 1.36x the 55% cap, which I think would be about 52.4 million)

Certinly, there are probably a lot of things people could screw around with here. But as far as a 'hard cap' system goes I think it's kinda neat. Certainly one could argue that some numbers need to be higher and some need to be lower but that's why I'm posting. For whatever input you wish to give. (I imagine most of you would rather not have anything like this implemented but would you prefer this over other CAP systems?)

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