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10-05-2010, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by shekers View Post
I don't understand why Nashville didn't just pick O'Brien up from waivers...
because teams can only carry a maximum of 50 contracts, and the Preds are also at the 50 contract mark. They needed to drop a contract to pick up O'Brien, and couldn't just pick him up on waivers.

Originally Posted by Bobsled Gainey View Post
I guess they believe that SOB will be picked up at 800k so they'll be off the hook for his salary, while Parent is on a one way and would have to otherwise pay him?

Thats the only thing that makes sense in my head, and i'm not even sure thats correct... or since he has a two way he'll make AHL money?
SOB was never assigned to Manitoba, so he is not on re-entry waivers, and thus won't be claimed at the $800K cap hit. And if he was on re-entry, the Preds would not be off the hook on his salary as they'd have to pick up that $800K (half his cap hit).

They acquired SOB because they believe he will play on their team... that's the only reason to make this trade. And Parent is also on a 1-way contract. The only player here on a 2-way is Gendur, who was clearly a throw-in, and has no value... the Canucks likely wanted Nashville to take his contract to balance the total contracts on their team. Unlike Andersson, Gendur won't even be useful in the minors.

For the Canucks, they save some money, but more importantly they have a chance to get rid of Parent's contract by waiving him (since no one picked up O'Brien, maybe they are hoping someone picks up Parent and they lose one of their contracts)... if not, they are better off having Parent in the minors than O'Brien, who was a distraction on the pro team when he didn't get to play the role he wanted, and would therefore be a problem playing in the minors. Parent can play there without complaining, unlike O'Brien.

I think the hope though is that Parent actually gets picked up on waivers, where O'Brien wasn't. And the Canucks are way too tight against the cap to risk bringing him through re-entry and eating $800K against the cap.

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