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The New and Improved Lounge Thread (Contains a list of OT sections)

As you can see the Lounge thread has been changed to become more user/reader friendly for both the posters, and for those that moderate them. With these changes, some of the sticky threads that you are used to seeing have been moved here to create space.

Now you will have several choices to go through when you'd like to post a question. This hopefully will reduce the clutter that we had before by having all of the OT topics mixed together in one all purpose thread.

Moving forward, we (mods) are now going to close your OT thread and post a link to the thread that it should be in. What this means is, if you post your question on the main board, we are not going to merge it for you. Your thread will simply be closed, and you will have to re-post your question in the thread that the moderator provides.

This will hopefully help cut down on the needless merging and allow the threads to flow much more smoothly.

**Note: I've used a lot of older threads and just changed the titles when setting this up. The reason for this is creating new threads for each of these topics (all at the same time) would have cluttered up our main board. As these older threads reach 1000 posts, they will be closed and new threads created to replace them. If we see there is a problem with this, we will slowly start to replace them a couple at a time before they reach 1000 posts**

If there are any categories that you would like to see added to this list. Feel free to send me a message, if they are reasonable, they will be added.

HFBoards hockey team/pick up games/garage leagues:

Habs Board Digital Artwork Thread (Show us your Photoshops!):

Get To Know The HFBoard Forum Members:

College/University Questions: If your question involves College or University, or Schools in general. Post your questions in this thread:

Technical Questions: Have a question about internet providers, cell phone carriers, what television to buy etc..., post it here.

#HFHabs chatroom:

Automobile Questions

French Language Questions

Habs HF members on twitter

UFC Thread

Boxing Thread

General Questions: If you're not sure where to post a non Habs board related question. Or if you just want to chat about non hockey things with your fellow posters. Post here in the thread below this post.

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