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05-02-2005, 12:15 PM
Amber Heard
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Originally Posted by Dar
You've lost me on your second clause. Maybe it's in the way you worded it, but taken literally, your asking players to lower % of salary the more they play for one team.

I'm near positive that's not what you want but:
"for playing 82 games with team players will have their salaries discounted by 2%
That says to me if Sundin plays all 82 games then he would receive $7.84 million as opposed to $8 million and:
"If a player plays for 10 years on one team 82 games x 10 years = 820 games == 20% discount."
Then he would only receive $6.67 million.
You're right... it is confusing...

I ment that the salary amount would be discounted when added up in the final CAP figure... say an 8 million player with 20% off would have his salary/costs only count as 8*.8=6.4 million against a CAP.

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