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10-05-2010, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Valhoun View Post
The weird thing about the Flyers is that, for some reason, they still lack an identity. Now, Homer and Snider really want to inject as much grit as possible but grit without talent just doesn't work anymore.

So, we have 2.5 scoring lines and a 4th line that will be taking a major hit if Lappy is done and Shelley receives major playing time. It won't be a horrible 4th line by any means but it will no longer be the best in the league, which ours was last season.

We have a glut of centers but no true 3rd line types, which are exceedingly valuable in the playoffs. Now, we could just have three scoring lines but that means throwing Nodl or Carcillo or someone even worse offensively onto a scoring line.

And key faceoffs will likely be an issue once again. Especially if Carter plays wing and takes fewer draws.

Now, this isn't meant to be doom and gloom as our offense should be potent (but losing Gagne for nothing is still inexcusable) and our defense, while ageing, will be excellent.
I agree. This is exactly how I think of this team.

Originally Posted by mypunkrock View Post
I think of another guy coming out of college who was hyped big time, and everybody freaked out because after 30 odd games he didn't accomplish a damn thing until April.

That is why Testwuide isn't getting a shot now.
And your point is? Nodl is going to turn into an offensive powerhouse or something?

Really, it's not very clear. I'm not even sure who you are talking about.

Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
Nobody is shaken up that Nodl is on the team, because really hes better than Guerin and around the same as the other kids.

Its just that we dont get all excited about seeing a player with 1 goal in 50 games making our team. I dont "hate" Nodl, but overhyping him just makes me dislike him even more
Exactly. People are acting like Nodl is about to bust wide ****ing open or something. When the reality is, he doesn't open up the ice, he doesn't create chances, he doesn't shoot, he is not great at covering his man/zone, etc. Really no excuse to get excited over him.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
You should be more concerned that we're running a midget lineup of centers, and our best faceoff guy is playing wing (also our leading goal scorer the last two years as a center, now at wing).

It will be interesting to see how these lineups play out...
Carter at wing is a terrible experiment (at least I pray it's an experiment).

Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
I know most people want hartnell-Briere-Leino Together for nostalgia, but I (and I assume you do to) think it would be better to keep Briere at RW, rather than Carter.

JVR-Richards-Carcillo/Powe/Chris Schafer's Mancrush

Carter and Briere played well together last year, and we can keep Leino there to see if he and briere can do well together again.

or if Giroux and Z dont work out longterm:

Briere seems to create a lot on the wing, whereas at center, he is forcing the play between the defensemen and getting closed out a lot. At wing, we have seen he can laser one in or cycle to create some openings.

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