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10-05-2010, 03:43 PM
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Thanks for all the kind words about me posting the fights. My friend Jay Moran interviewed Vickers about the fight.

This is what "Sarge" said.

You had a fight with Don Marcotte in February of 1973. You knocked him to the ice and you got a pretty good reputation after that. Do you remember that fight?

"Yeah. I've seen it on tape. Took me about 30 years to see it but somebody found it, it's on Yeah, it was just, Walter Tkaczuk had scored and I don't know, I guess he was upset and he kind of just gave me a shove from behind or something out of frustration, 'cause we were lighting them up that night. And I just, you know, dropped my gloves and let's go. I don't think Donnie was a real fighter. But I just got a lucky punch in and he went down. It could've just as easily been me go down. [laughter] I found out no matter how tough you are, there's always somebody out there tougher, no question about that, but I won my fair share of fights."

After that, did they give you a little more respect or distance?

"Yeah, the first couple of years I got into some scraps, you know, I got into a few scuffles and I think once the word gets out that you're capable of handling yourself, then you're kind of left alone. So in those days it didn't matter whether you were…like now they have designated goons, right? But they just fight each other. Like, if you're a goal scorer scoring 30 goals a year and you get into a fight, the goon gets mad at you 'cause that's his job. You're not supposed to, so like I wouldn't have to fight in today's game. Some guys still do, like Shanahan will go up there, he'll take on anybody. But today you don't see the scorers fight at all.

“In those days, guys would help you out if you were in trouble but you had to show that you would fight for yourself too. And if you're getting the worst of it, then they'd jump in and help you out. Today, if you get hit you just go to your goon and say hey, he hit me or else the coach will say did you see what he did to our best player? Or one of our better players? It's your turn. So they just kind of fight each other and cancel each other out, really. I think fighting is necessary because there is a lot of stick work out there, which I don't like. I definitely would wear a helmet, probably a visor, if I played today, today's game, 'cause the sticks are up all the time. There just doesn't seem to be as much respect out there for one another.

"When we played, we didn't wear helmets so if you hit somebody over the head, it didn't matter who he was, he had a stick in his hand, he was going to do the same thing to you so you didn't do it. You know? The old equalizer. And the sticks, you go in the corner, sticks were always down. I look at games against the Flyers in those days and they're nothing compared to the way the game's played today. I got two games in the '74 playoffs here, they were the Broad Street Bullies, they were no big deal. The guys, they finished their checks but of course it was playoffs too and they stuck to hockey but today there's a lot more intimidating people out there today."

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