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10-05-2010, 07:10 PM
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Just listened to Poile on the radio...

Says the the trade was very last minute. One of the fastest trades he's ever done. Poile had expressed interest in Shane a little while ago but said he would only trade equal salary. Gillis said no. But after Shane cleared waivers, Gillis calls up Poile and said he'd be willing to listen to an equal salary trade.

Sounded like Poile felt a little bad for Parent, and said he did have a good camp, but thinks SOB is more skilled and comes with a better resume. Likes his size. He didn't mention anything about Andersson.

Acknowledged SOB had issues in the past, but thinks they are a bit overstated due to the media and being in a bigger hockey city. He hopes Shane can put that behind him and move on not only for our sake, but also for SOB's career. Said a lot of the time, getting a bad media rep can kill a player's confidence. Hopes he and SK can sort of use Nashville to "rehabilitate" their confidence.

Said he expects SOB to be paired with Franson.

Expecting better special teams this year.

Claims Ward played hurt last year and should be better.

Lindback is our backup. He is in love with having "13 feet worth of goaltender." Biggest tandem in the league. He knows its risky, but it doesn't bother him. Goaltenders can always be acquired.

Really likes the average age of our team. Most players still in their 20s.

Called Detroit old. I LOLed. But still thinks they are the team to beat next year.
Chicago is still good even after losing players this offseason.
St. Louis will surprise people. Thinks they are the most improved team this year.
Columbus... he was just being nice but said they will be tough to beat. Desperate for playoffs.

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