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10-05-2010, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by MTLPacman67 View Post
Maybe he really likes his job (who wouldn't?) and is convinced that there's legitimate critcism and some that isn't (that would be given to anyone with that job)?
I'm sure he loves his job -- he's one of the most visible people in Quebec ... with that comes some responsibility. There is a greater importance than just liking your job -- you have to want to be the one that the people want.

If the vast majority of people do not want you on the TV, and considering how important this is to the people of Quebec (watching hockey in dead middle of winter), at what point does accepting the job become selfish?


Maybe he's trying real hard and is doing everything he can to be better and stay there because he likes it and think he'll end up doing a good job?

Seriously, I've got a great competitive fire, I wouldn't quit no matter what haters are saying, personally.
Maybe! But, why do we have to experience the pain of watching him adapt?

This is RDS issue, not his ... but I am just saying, if he has any pride eventually he has to say " ok , I'm done ... ".

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