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10-05-2010, 07:35 PM
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Two rule books!

Well, if you are a hockey coach in North America, you just might want to check this out with your local association or state wide president about this information that I am about to share with you.

Now, some of you might know this annnnnnd maybe some of you might not. But today, after 30 years of coaching, I learned today that the Referee's have a rule book that most of the coaches don't have.

It is a book called...The Referee Case Book. This book, from what I understand, has and is being used to make calls within the actual game. But, this is only supplied to Referees. Now, I found out that USA Hockey does supply all the coaches with this information, but it's up to you as a coach to find it and down load the PDF file.

Now, the only reason why I know this, is because I had the opportunity to find out from a Referee yesterday. Now, I could totally be off base here. But, I think, as a coach, that this type of information would kind of come in handy when it comes time for me to teach these so called "cases" to my players.

Then, when the Referee makes those ungodly, pull it out of their A** kind of calls, that gets every coach, player, and parents in the stands going ape *****, that maybe, just maybe, will help us understanding what this is in this so called magic book, will give US a better understand why they make those kind of calls.

At least then, we can say...Oh, he must have pulled this out of the "case book" rather then out of his a** and then thinking that his life might be in danger out in the parking lot.

Here's the PDF link:

I hope this will keep you from going insain on the bench this year.

Head coach

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