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10-05-2010, 09:32 PM
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The AAA 2010 playoffs may not be according to modern NHL format, but instead might be like the AAA11 draft was: aligned to a pre-NHL Challenger Series format, sort of like when the NHA, PCHA and earlier teams competed for the Stanley Cup.

AAA 2010 Tentative Playoff Rules (Challenger Format):

I). DURING THE LAST ROUND OF DRAFTING, and not a moment before, each team will be required to issue one (and can only issue one at a time) CHALLENGE to any specific other team in this draft.
II). The team that receives the challenge will then have 24 hours to ACCEPT the challenge if wants to, or REJECT it.
III). If a team receives multiple challenges at the same time (that is, gets one from two or more teams) then the team receiving the multiple challenges must accept one of the challenges it has received (thereby of course nullifying any challenge it may have given out).
IV). A team CANNOT withdraw a challenge; it remains issued until it has been accepted or rejected (or nullified by the other team's acceptance of a different challenge).
V). The challenges will be issued at the same time as one announces one's last two picks on day 12 of the draft.
VI). Every team must issue a challenge (or accept a challenge) on that day, not a day before (and not a day later unless necessary).
VII). Once a team has rejected a challenge those two teams are ineligible to compete against each other for at least that round (and for the following round if conditions permit).
VIII). Whichever teams are remaining without a series opponent set after the last day of drafting (did not accept or have a challenge accepted on day 12) will repeat the process the following day, after all standing challenges have been rejected (or deemed rejected by the passing of 24 hours without reply from the team).
IX). Private agreements reached beforehand via PM are within the spirit of the rules but are not binding until a challenge has been issued and accepted on the last day of the draft. Absolutely NO public on-the-HFboard challenges or insinuations of challenges to be issued prior to the last day of the draft. This is important to preserve the integrity and fairness of the process.
X) Of course, once a challenge has been issued and accepted it's binding and cannot be undone, the playoff opponent for that round is set.

If we do this playoff format, there will be no regular season ranking because it'll be like pre-NHL split league champions in a Challenger Series format playoffs.

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