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10-05-2010, 11:39 PM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
Sometimes we forget GM's are poker players. When Poile signed Andersson and made a fuss about him, maybe it was to attract other GM's into thinking he was a better player than he was so he could get a better return on him at a later time.
I don't agree with this logic at all. So he signed Andersson just to pump up his value to trade for a defenseman that cleared waviers?? No way. We could've had OBrien for absolutely nothing. In fact, they probably would've sent us a draft pick if we took his salary off their hands. Instead, we send them salary.

Andersson and Parent were both risky monetary signings/trades. Neither has proven anything in the NHL, not unlike several players we have one one-way contracts.

This move is Poile getting cold feet that Andersson and Parent aren't good NHL players, and would be making a NHL salary in the minors, or sucking it up at the NHL level.

Poile pumped up both to be something good. I haven't seen any preseason games, so I can't comment on how they've played.

One one hand, he unloaded them so they aren't sitting in the minors taking up valuable money. On the other, we got a Dman with some big question marks, and a pretty big salary.

Surprisingly though, this move is unlike Poile. If he signed a guy, he's likely to ride them, for better or worse. So it's very out of the norm for him to acquire someone without giving them a looong chance.

So Shane OBrien, I guess we'll see what you got.

Letting Zanon walk last year is looking worse and worse. He would've helped our PK so much last year, both in reg season and playoffs. 1.9 for Zanon, or 1.6 or OBrien. As for this year's PK, it's not looking good either. Neither are our defensemen past Weber and Suter.

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