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10-06-2010, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
No, Coburn's been pretty consistent.

He was good when he came for a limited stint post-trade deadline.
He was very good in 2007-08 until getting hit in the face.
He was alright for the early chunk of 2008-09.
He was bad for the rest of 2008-09.
He was terrible through January of 2009-10.
He turned it back on in February and was great from March onward through the playoffs.

Those are healthy chunks of slumps and highs. That's not game in, game out inconsistency.
we could say the same thing about Meszaros too right? both guys have been inconsistant as hell early in there careers. Both players are also overpaid.

Of course the thing that does worry me about Coburn is he is going to out and try and "prove" that he is worth that fat contract Holmgren gave him. As Jester pointed out he got into trouble when he got overconfident and cocky. the same could happen if he goes out and tries to do things he is incapable of doing right now.

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