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10-06-2010, 04:01 AM
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Originally Posted by pass the bisk View Post
You guys realize that I started this thread as TIPS to beginner players. I'm not saying they have to do things listed, they are suggestions that will help players get into the fast lane when developing as a player.
with all due respect, there is no fast lane, don't tell anyone, there is. in nothing, not just hockey. any player will develop fast, if he puts in the hours of practice. no player, not even the most talented one will develop fast without sweat and hard work. i don't think there is a secret formula to anything. oh there is: PRACTICE, and that's it.

i love the advice on these boards, because it helped me not to make the same mistakes as my buddies when learning to play, but any "fast lane" formula proved to be false.

as for the ball vs puck debate: well i'd like to hit the ice everyday too, but i see no ice in the summer, so i played inlinehockey with both ball and puck. it did help me to develop my stick feel (eg i can now catch the ball/puck midair about 20% of the times, vs 0% in the spring) i developped on my hockey sense in a way that i never thought was possible, and can actually keep my head up for about 20% of the time i handle the puck.

I use a stickhandling ball and i use a green bisquit, and while it's not a real icehockey puck feel, these are proven tools to help you with your stickhandling, and i am sure i'll be better when getting on the ice this thursday, than all my "hardcore" buddies, who did not want to screw up their skills, and played soccer all sommer.

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