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10-06-2010, 04:46 AM
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Originally Posted by PhXcoyotes View Post
Hey guys, Im young. 14. And play D.
I use a 87 flex Bauer x60 with a Malkin Curve.

Im 5'11 (off skates) but only 135 LBS. But im pretty strong for my age.

Do you guys think that the 87 flex is a bit much?

I like it, more than my 75 flex and 65 flex sticks. But just looking for others oppinions.

Thanks in advance.
It's personal preference. Like pretty much all 14 year olds you're pretty thin, but with your height still have the leverage to get a good flex in it with proper technique, and you don't have to cut the stick down too much. I personally like sticks on the whippy side, but I know a 5' 6" guy who loves his 110ish flex sticks (obviously way stiffer than 110 when cut down, and it's not like this guy is just clueless, he played Junior A in Vancouver), it really does differ from person to person. At 14 you will quickly be getting bigger and stronger, the x60 is a great stick, it should be fine for you now and especially good as you grow into it (assuming you don't break it too quickly). Besides, if you like your 87 flex more than your 75 and 65 flex sticks it sounds like you've answered your own question!

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