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10-06-2010, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by CaptainCallahan View Post
I know this is beating a dead horse, but please strip Chris Drury of the Captaincy. This is not because he scores 3 goals a season, it is because the pressure is simply too much for him, and you can see him playing out there with the weight of the world on his shoulders. If we can learn something from the Wade Redden debacle, it is that playing under a contract that you don't deserve, and trying to fulfill those epic expectations are too great a burden. Wade even said he felt like the world was on his shoulders, so every time he was on the ice, he felt he wasn't doing enough and had to do more, and this ultimately effected his play and decision making. It is pretty obvious this is happening to Drury. If he is such a great voice in the locker room, that is fine, you don't need a letter on your jersey to prove anything. Look at Detroit, they have a whole team worthy of wearing a letter but only 3 of them do. Without the C on his jersey, and less expectations and demands from the media, I think Drury will have a bounce back season.
You do realize that Drury had what were his average seasons each year here befoe this past one, right? Unless removing the C from his chest can take three years off his age and his legs, then I'm all for it. The fact is, he's well respected and liked by his teammates and the coaching staff.

Originally Posted by CaptainCallahan View Post
What was truly special about Mark Messier was how often he stated that being the Captain of the New York Rangers was a privilege and an honor. Has Drury ever said that, and if he has, was it in a volume where you don't need a hearing aid to hear it?
That's just a sound bite. What was truly special about Mark Messier was he was an elite player. To compare 99% of the players to him is unfair.

Originally Posted by CaptainCallahan View Post
The most humble person on this roster, who leaves everything out on the ice shift after shift, is Ryan Callahan. He should be wearing the C because he knows what it takes to be a New York Ranger, and he will wear that letter with honor and courage.
I love Ryan Callahan. But who's to say the C on his chest isn't too much for him to handle (your theory with Drury, not mine)?

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