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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
Umm, I can't think of anyone in the sport of hockey that could hold a candle to Adam Jones resume. Hockey players that wish to behave like that are weeded out early, rarely do they reach the NHL, and if they do they either dial it back or don't last long here.

I disagree. I think like Kostitsyn, O'Brien made some mistakes (which he takes responsibility for in his quotes), but when the coach goes to the media about it it was a sign to OB that he had given up on him and also then creates such a toxic environment for the player as you see the media taking more pot shots at him in their closing articles.

Does he have some maturity issues, sure. But the great thing about Nashville is that no matter how big you are in your chosen profession, there is always someone bigger than you right around the corner. Players and celebrities alike live among the community here and Trotz and the organization truly appreciate that and extend that vibe in all aspects of the team. Players aren't hounded wherever they go and the town is also small enough that the team can keep track of the guys if they start to become a problem. This isn't Montreal or Vancouver where hockey players are at the top of the heap and can't go anywhere without being recognized. This is Nashville.

O'Brien knows he was traded for, he knows the Predators felt that he could be the missing link on their defense for this season, and he knows that our team is focused and determined to achieve every hockey player's dream of winning the Cup.

Tell me again why O'Brien is going to act out in Nashville?
He can try to live up to the Pacman Jones lifestyle atleast. He is known for sleeping in from being out late the night before drinking away. But hey maybe him and TooToo will become friends and Nashville will have its own Night at the Roxbury brothers..

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