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10-06-2010, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by CR4YO View Post
Vercheval is simply AWESOME. Him and Casavant make the perfect pair for football. No need to tune in the American or Canadian broadcasts with those two around.
What you're saying is very intriguing. I have access to American NFL coverage, not to mention TSN for Als games. Yet, whenever I can listed to a RDS broadcast .... no hesitation. Vercheval is a part of that.

I bet he knows all the players in every practice squad. He sees things on the field that noone else does. He could talk hours about boring technical stuff. He doesn't - he keeps it simple yet very interesting and informative.

Then comes Grégoire that says - "The average viewer does not know about the rookies in the West so the colour guy on RDS does not have to".

Kinda like - "The average 7 year old kid does not know how to read so his teacher does not need to know either" Duh!

Maybe football requires more intellectual qualities from the players then hockey. Learning a 5 pound playbook by heart every year is a tough selection process. However, they should be able to find a smarter guy then Brunet that played in the NHL.

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