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05-02-2005, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by bingo_vodun
There is nothing new here, this is old information, and we as leaf fans have done this from day one. Only our ability to retain information, as well as organize it is much grater then monkeys, although a monkey could be thought or trained to do the same.

What I donít understand is how people think animals are dumb, a dog can retain over seven hundred human words, no matter the language, we as humans, and even some of the smartest in the world, can only remember 100 to 300 words. In the average day the common person uses only 74 words while communicating. Dolphins, understand emotions, and gestures witch in turn are expressions of emotions. But domi is worse then an animal sometimes... like during that devils game when he elbowed that guy. It obviously has to do with magnets.

For example Birds know how to understand magnetic fields. They can predict weather much more efficiently, accurately then any computer in the world. To think we are smart is truly naive, although I will say, in the early days like 1500 to 1800 people where much more intelligent then we are now. Proof take a look around, if they where not there, nor would we be, only consider now that they have done so much work for us, we donít learn as they did, because the work has already been done.

just my point of view.
If you're trying to email your National Geographic homework assignment .. I think you have an error in your email address.. as its accidentally ending up posting here. Animal Planet is on a different web site, you can send your post to this address :

If that is not the case perhaps check your keyboard because everything you are posting is coming out as gibberish and nonsense.

and if all that is still not the case then check your meds as you may need to have the strength increased a little.

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