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05-02-2005, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
If you're trying to email your National Geographic homework assignment .. I think you have an error in your email address.. as its accidentally ending up posting here. Animal Planet is on a different web site, you can send your post to this address :

If that is not the case perhaps check your keyboard because everything you are posting is coming out as gibberish and nonsense.

and if all that is still not the case then check your meds as you may need to have the strength increased a little.
I get wrong opinions like yours 4, and 6 and some times 9. it could also be a habit, of looking at the clock. Or a old memory of an even already passed, only you missed it, and now the only remaining member is the time. Like a reflex.

Not sure, but I get it to, only with three different time.

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